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Submitted on
July 24, 2006
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by the sea of mini van seats are
countries at war with self-control
and self-esteem.

I was France, with my toes dipped in the cool glass
of the windshield tinted blue at the top that always made a fake horizon,
giving me a place to drive to no matter where I was going,
(my Mediteranian manicure.)

This issummer vacation,
an orange lit the darkness
that was attracted to missiles and moths
and so they kissed as the lady reaper that he once wrote about
is lost in a lip lock that breaks the prime meridian,
and suddenly the equator is gone.

Gone is the fragility of power and invisible lines,
the Americans to my right have seized,
and we teetered as he taught her, our lady liberty,
the meaning of opportunity, and the destruction of
self-sustained membranes of virginity.
Ok so i can FINALLY put this poem up :D

this was my entry in the Balance contest for Poetryplease( best group ever :) )

i got first place :)
so thanks to evryone who voted for me and to all those who made the contest possible and all of the others who wrote very nice poems as well :D i enjoyed reading them.
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DreamCatchMe Jun 9, 2008
wow :thumbsup:
:iconwildernessman: the poem...i wouldn't have even read if but i was looking to see how other people have written about "world war" for a story of mine "Law of Survival" [link] and came across this great bit of poetry... :)
Mnemonica Jul 31, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah... Um... Well then!
It's an amazing poem... And you've left a lot up to the reader's imagination, as I think it should be. ^_^
But at the same time, there is a definate point I think. A concept. And that makes the whole thing a bit more special.
Anyone can write a poem with loose ties to any subject matter, but it takes an artist to use loosely tied subject matter to drive home a point.
thank you for your insight :) I also got your message on myspace! "taking up my time" haaa!! lol I"m not that important. Thanks for your intrest in my music and also for joining openEARS , i really appreciate it :D

<333 Arielle
Mnemonica Jul 31, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Heh. Not to sound mean, but it's not that I thought of you as an important figure so much as I know that people have better things to do than sit around and read messages from strangers. ;)
WOAH. you're crazygood, once again arielle. I love you. I've thought about how those blue lines made fake horizons too, but I've never written so well about it, so you win in this case. anyway, this poem was amazing in the sense that it had me reading it over and over to finally reach the core meaning, and each time the poem got even better. those are the best poems one can write.
no seriously .. i LOVE you.. let's get married

<33333333333333333333333333 :hug: :love:
dude, definitely. when's a good marriage time for you?
mm i'd prefer a mid-september wedding.. when it's not as humid so my hair won't puff majorly

<333 Arielle
VampireButterflyMel Jul 26, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
So many layers to this poem, nice job, and cograts on the win! Though I didn't read any of the other entries I'm sure it was well-deserved.:clap:
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